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Welcome to Business & Computing

Julie Broomhead           Head of Business & Computing
Luke Sutton Teacher of Business & Computing
Jane Cartwright Assistant Vice Principal / Teacher of Business & Computing
Mark Aveyard Vice Principal / Teacher of Business & Computing

The BITE faculty is staffed by a supportive, creative and imaginative team of teachers.

Our vision is to ensure all students reach their potential across the host of subjects on offer in the BITE department. This can be through the use of practical, taught and real life experience. Students will be supported throughout their learning journey by caring, supportive teachers who will guide them towards success.

The Business and Computing department at Barnsley Academy offer a creative and combined curriculum of ICT, Computer Science and Business at Key Stage 3. This allows our students to then make an informed decision when selecting the subjects they would like to follow at GCSE. 

Key Stage 3

Year 7 Topics

  • Microsoft Project – this is a thematic project which allows students to explore their own use of digital literacy and also creativity. Students will learn how to use Microsoft Office Publisher, Word & Adobe Fireworks effectively.
  • Hardware and Software – students will learn all about how a computer operates.  They will learn about the components that are found in a computer, and will explore the different pieces of software that we can use, ensuring that they know what software is fit for purpose.
  • Scratch – students will learn how to make a short program in Scratch.  They will learn the steps required to make an animated program.  They will work with a design brief to ensure that they meet requirements.
  • Binary – working in tandem with the Maths department, students will learn about converting binary to denary and then move on to ASCII and image representation.  
  • Microbit programming – students will each have their own Microbit that they will program the device to do numerous things including becoming a compass, a real life snakes & ladders and a magic 8 ball.

Year 8 Topics

  • Microsoft Project - This thematic project builds on skills learnt in Year 7.  Students will use more advances options available in Publisher, Access and Adobe Fireworks.  Students will also be introduced to Illustrator and Photoshop to enable them to be successful in completing the project work in this unit.
  • Text based game – Students will build on the programming skills they have learnt in Year 7.  They will use their programming skills to create a text based game based on a given topic.  Students will also look at the marketing and advertising of their game.
  • E-Safety – Students will learn all elements about staying safe online.  The Academy uses information received from CEOP to facilitate these lessons. This broadens their understanding of being safe that interlinks with PHSE.
  • Game Maker – Students use this platform to create a multi-level game.  They will use their understanding of programming to enable them to produce a game that fits the project brief.  Students will also use their creative side to create the characters for this game.


Year 9 Topics

  • Microsoft Project – Students will complete an independent project honing the skills they have learnt over the last two years.  This project enables them to touch on the skills required for GCSE and to enable a seamless transition.
  • Python – Students will learn how to code using Python, having briefly touched on this in Year 7.  Students will learn how coding works and will create their own programs.
  • Multimedia – Students will learn how to create multimedia products, webpages and animations to suit a project brief.  They will learn how to use Adobe Creative Suite.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we have a range of different paths that can be taken by our students when picking their GCSE Options. These course include

  • OCR GCSE Business – Business Ownership, Entrepreneurs, Business Planning, Marketing, Market Research, Human Resources, Recruitment and selection, Motivation and Employment laws.
  • Edexcel BTEC Business – Business Enterprise, Finance, Branding and Recruitment, Selection and Employment
  • OCR GCSE Economics – How the Market Works, How the Economy Works, UK Economy and Globalisation
  • Edexcel CiDA – Developing Web products and Creative multimedia
  • OCR GCSE ICT – ICT in today’s World, ICT solutions and using ICT applications
  • OCR GCSE Computer Science – Computer programing, Algorithms, Network topologies, protocols and layers, Computational thinking and logic, Programming Techniques.
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