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Year 7 Parents’ Open Evening on Wednesday 14th October
The open evening will start at 4:00pm and run until 6.30pm

6th Form Consultation Meeting

The 6th Form Consultation Meeting has been postponed to
Wednesday, 7th October 2015 at 6 pm.


Welcome to Barnsley Academy...

Executive Principal’s Welcome

I am both proud and privileged to be leading Barnsley Academy during a period of transition, development and improvement. I was welcomed into the school community in May 2014 and, since that time, I have worked in partnership with school staff, our local community and professional partners to ensure that our Academy is moving rapidly towards becoming a good school.

Our Academy is sponsored by United Learning – a group of schools which aims to provide excellent education to all children and young people across the country. As a United Learning academy, we seek to improve the life chances of all the children and young people we serve and make it our mission to bring out “the best in everyone” – students, staff, parents and the wider community.

We are committed to all of our students receiving personalised support to ensure that each one of them is able to make the progress we know they are capable of. At the heart of our practice is a desire to work with parents and carers to develop an environment which provides a truly holistic and inclusive approach which fosters high expectations and standards at every level.

Our newly formed Senior Leadership Team is excited by the challenges ahead and is uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence as we know that each of our students deserve the very best education we can offer and, it is with this aim, that we are determined to serve our own community.  

Nikki Shaw 


Latest News

Social Sciences 2 October 2015

Social Sciences

Team SS

This week has seen some fantastic work in History. Y11’s are making a great effort with their controlled assessment and showing great initiative. Revision guides are now available for Y10 and Y11 at a cost of £7.50. Please see Mr Hadfield for one.


Y8 PSCHE have proved they are budding apprentices for Lord Sugar by becoming money box designers. Please see our photograph which shows amazing commitment to extended learning!


Quick reminder for Y7 – Conisbrough Castle letters / monies are due ASAP. Please bring them to Mrs Ralphs on reception to ensure your place. 


All years and subjects now have homework to extend learning on our website. You can find this under curriculum/social science/ homework. This can be printed at home or emailed to your teacher.  


Stars of the Week:

Social Sciences – Dion Dumbell Y9 Demika Vose Y9. Great efforts so far.

History – Y11  Abi Bywater  and Keely Wharam –Great understanding of the problems in Afghanistan. 

Geography- Y10 Chelsea Brown for amazing work on plant and animal adaptions in Australia. 

PSCHE - ALL of Y8PSY1  for their banking work and designs. 


Sociology- Y11 Charlie Wheeler for showing initiative with independent Sociology revision. 


Travel and Tourism - Y11 Mantas for showing commitment to teacher time to ensure he makes progress. 



Looking forward to another fab week next week!

2 October 2015

Well Done Y7 Boys

Team PE

Well done to all year 7 boys on their incredible effort and progress in their Capoeira Dance lessons. Some very creative ideas developed this week to add to their final performance!

25 September 2015

Y9 London Trip

Anthony Scully

The previous deadline for the London Trip in December for Year 9 has been extended.


All letter have been sent out to all Year 9 parents with a deadline of 23rd September for the £55 deposit. This had now been extended to Wednesday 7th October.


Places are limited to 40 students, on a first come first served basis. Be quick so you don’t miss out.

21 September 2015

Enrichment Activities over the next 2 weeks

Teaching and Learning

Please click on title for an update of your enrichment clubs for the next 2 weeks.  

(21st September - 2nd October)

21 September 2015

Sixth Form Consultation

United Learning and Barnsley Academy are opening a period of formal consultation on the future of the sixth form provision at the academy.
The academy attempted to recruit to its sixth form for 2015 September entry, but only 12 students expressed an interest. This low level of interest would not allow for a broad enough educational offer to be provided, and the decision was taken not to offer places to these students, and to have no Year 12 intake in 2015/16. Due to the low numbers currently in the sixth from (25 students) it has been agreed that a formal consultation should take place to consider the future of this provision.
More detail regarding this consultation can be found under the sixth from tab at the top of this page.
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Weekly Notice Board

From English Team

Keep up the good work!

A huge well done to the following students from the English Team - Keep up the good work!


Miss Taylor

7x3- Chloe Frost and Harrison Gray for their continued positive attitude and determination when analysing language in English.

7y4- Macey Taylor for his improvement in behaviour and attitude, he has been an absolute star!

9p2- Alisha Shepherd, Ellie Schofield, Jack Powell and Adam Worrall for their commitment in understanding the GCSE criteria and attempting GCSE style questions.

10x3- Britney Wake for completing two A4 pieces of analysis on Blood Brothers without being asked- complete independent learning.


Miss Elsadig

Huge well done to 8x3 for being superstars in all lessons the past couple of weeks, they are so hardworking and well behaved and a credit to the academy.


Another fantastic commendation to Diane Njoh Njoh for committing herself to raising money for cancer by shaving her head. Amazing act of courage, well done. 


Miss Wilson

Excellent use of reading skills from Chloe Barnett in year10YEN3.

Really impressed with the way that she used intonation and dialect to bring the character alive for the other students in the class when she was reading her part in the play ‘Blood Brothers.’


Mrs Siddle

When Ofsted came into my Y10 lesson, I was very pleased with the feedback as the observer said that James Sykes stood out as being very focused and that he was also doing some fantastic work.

So, well done to James!


2 October 2015

From Team PE

Thank You!

A big thank you to all of the #TeamBA students who helped out at open evening, you were awesome!

2 October 2015

From Team PE

Well Done Y11 Dancers

Well done to our year 11 dancers who have made a fantastic start with choreographing solos as part of their external exam preparation this week. The students are creating solos following the theme of 'destiny'. Let's keep up the hard work! 

2 October 2015

From Team Art and Tech

Artwork of the week

Artwork of the week

Please take a look at this weeks Artwork of the week, it is a photograph of wild mushrooms taken by Owen Beasley n year 10.  Well done!

2 October 2015

From Team PE

Well Done Y7 Boys

Well done to all year 7 boys on their incredible effort and progress in their Capoeira Dance lessons. Some very creative ideas developed this week to add to their final performance!

2 October 2015

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