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Important Information

Y11 School Prom

23rd June 2016

 6.30pm - 11pm

For further information please contact your child's Head of Year Mrs Jayne Carr


Year 10 Trial Exams - April 2016

Day/Date         Period 1
8.45 - 9.45
Period 2
9.45 - 10.45
Period 3
11  - 12 noon   
Period 4
12 noon - 1 pm
Period 5
1.30  - 2.30 pm   
2.30 pm - 3.30 pm   
4th April

Staff Training Day - Academy Closed to Students
5th April
Core Science (1 hour)
10X1/10Y1 – Physics 1
10X2/10Y2 – Chemistry 1
10X3/10Y3 – Chemistry 1
Sports Hall
Dance Studio

Geography (1hr 15m)
History (1hr)
Sports Hall
Dance Studio
6th April
Option B subjects:
Computing – Unit 1 (1hr)
French – Reading F & H (1hr 30m)
German - Reading F & H (1hr 30m)
GCSE H&SC (1hr 15m)
BTEC H&SC (1hr)
ICT Unit 1 (1hr 30m)
PTE (1hr 30m)

Sports Hall
Dance Studio

Option C Subjects:
Triple Science - Physics 3 (1hr)
Music (1hr)

Sports Hall
Maths Paper 1 (1hr 30m)
Sports Hall
Dance Studio
7th April
Option E subjects:
Computing – Unit 1 (1hr)
French – Reading F & H (1hr 30m)
German - Reading F & H (1hr 30m)
ICT Unit 1 (1hr 30m)
Graphics (2hrs)
GCSE PE (1hr)

Sports Hall
Dance Studio

Opt B subjects:
French & German
Listening (1hr)

In classrooms
8th April
Maths Paper 2 (1hr 30m)
Sports Hall
Dance Studio
English - Poetry (1hr 30m)
Sports Hall
Dance Studio
Core Science 2 (1hr)
10X1/10Y1 – Biology 1
10X2/10Y2 – Physics 1
10X3/10Y3 – Biology 1
Sports Hall
Dance Studio

11th April
Option A Subjects:
Business Studies – Unit 1 (45 m)
Computing – Unit 1 (1hr)
Economics – Unit 2 (1hr)
Food (2hrs)
Resistant Materials (2hrs)
Product Design – Textiles (2hrs)
Psychology (1hr)

Sports Hall
Dance Studio

Maths Paper 3 (1hr 30m)
Sports Hall
Dance Studio
Business Studies – Unit 1 (45 m)
Sports Hall
Dance Studio
14th April
                              Opt E subjects:
French & German Listening (1hr)
In classrooms

 At times when exams are not being held students should go to their normal lessons.
 Mobiles and any other electronic storage items must be stored in your bags and turned off before entry to the Sports Hall/Dance Studio.
 Exam conditions of silence and no communication should be adhered to upon entering into the Sports Hall/Dance Studio 

Welcome to Barnsley Academy...

Executive Principal’s Welcome

I am both proud and privileged to be leading Barnsley Academy during a period of transition, development and improvement. I was welcomed into the school community in May 2014 and, since that time, I have worked in partnership with school staff, our local community and professional partners to ensure that our Academy is moving rapidly towards becoming a good school.

Our Academy is sponsored by United Learning – a group of schools which aims to provide excellent education to all children and young people across the country. As a United Learning academy, we seek to improve the life chances of all the children and young people we serve and make it our mission to bring out “the best in everyone” – students, staff, parents and the wider community.

We are committed to all of our students receiving personalised support to ensure that each one of them is able to make the progress we know they are capable of. At the heart of our practice is a desire to work with parents and carers to develop an environment which provides a truly holistic and inclusive approach which fosters high expectations and standards at every level.

Our newly formed Senior Leadership Team is excited by the challenges ahead and is uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence as we know that each of our students deserve the very best education we can offer and, it is with this aim, that we are determined to serve our own community.  

Nikki Shaw 


Latest News

21 March 2016

Y 10 Rehearsal Exam Timetable

Data Team

Please click on title of item to see full exam timetable.



Nikki Shaw



Students from Barnsley Academy were last week given the chance to enjoy opera in their own school.

3 March 2016

Barnsley Academy Appoints New Principal

Nikki Shaw

I am delighted to announce that, following a national recruitment process which attracted a field of excellent candidates, we have appointed Mr Stephen Dixon as Principal of Barnsley Academy.


Please click headline to read further information.

19 February 2016

Fund Raising at Barnsley Academy

Whole School

Well done Barnsley Academy students and staff for your help and support in raising funds for Children In Need!




Press Office

Students from Barnsley Academy took to the stage this week for a sold-out performance at London’s prestigious Lyceum Theatre.
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Weekly Notice Board

I'm a Scientist, get me out of here!

During Science Week, Year 8 took part in I'm a scientist, get me out of here. Despite a few glitches the event ran as smoothly as it could do and we have out very own winner from here in the Academy.


Teneka Bryant, from Year 8, was chosen by the scientists, as the student who asked the most engaging questions. Teneka was chosen from all the students that took part, country wide. This is a massive achievement for Teneka. 


Congratulations Teneka on your amazing achievement. Teneka has received a certificate and a £20 WhSmiths Voucher.

22 April 2016

From Mr Parkinson

School Sport Ambassadors

These students have been individually selected from a tough application and interview process.


Rowan Scargill

Bradley Smith

Sadie Reed

Yolanda Mayo

Kane Hudson

Layne White

Kai Skelley

Elizabeth Tonge

Anna Phillips

Derran Kaye

Joe Deakin

Adam Worrall

Mason Eggleston            

Neve Fellowes

Jennifer Hunt

Courtney Bray

Kaitlin Haigh


The first meeting took place last week with a visit from Ben Mansford (Chief Executive at Barnsley FC).

He brought the Johnstone’s Paint trophy in to school, he answered questions and spoke to students about the successful Wembley experience.

This was great for the students as they gained knowledge on what it takes to be successful in a sporting context.

The ambassadors will be running many projects/events in the near future.

21 April 2016

From Miss Stephenson


I was wanting to mention three of our EAL pupils in the blog this week please. Magdolna Vajo, Neda Nenova and Daniel Balazs have been working really hard in their extra English lessons and presented presentations they each made about their home countries for the MFL department today. The presentations were excellent and they stood and answered any questions afterwards too.

21 April 2016

From Miss Sutton

Spanish Club

Spanish Club
Spanish club made ks3 worksheets to be used for this term's exam revision . To say they have had less than a year learning the language, they never fail to impress me ! 
21 April 2016

From Mr Hunter

Social Science News

P Hadfield

·         Y11 – History: Well done to those who attended the Easter revision sessions!! It will certainly pay off. Final big push for you guys. Realistically you have 6 weeks’ worth of afterschool sessions left to attend. Give it your all for the push of the year.


·         Stars of the week – Demika Vose. Excellent work in work skills with some great written answers.


·         Dion Dumbrell – Working hard on his rights and responsibilities unit.


C Durose

·         Could we congratulate the y10 students on their controlled –assessment research last week in Caslteton, they worked extremely hard and behaviour was fantastic.


D Murrie

·         Layne White

·         Lauren Horton        All Y8 excellent work on Jack the Ripper

·         Brandon Ashton

·         Libby Rooke


·         Chloe Coles

·         Jack Lawrence        All Y11 Great work on Liberal Reforms and Nazi Germany

·         Nathan Haigh


·         Will Brittin

·         Brendan Jackson       All Y9 excellent results on the JFK assessment.

·         Chloe Kay


J Hunter

Stars of the week in PTE: - excellent responses to work on Maria Gomez

·         Matthew Foster

·         Katy Dickinson

·         Crystal McCann

·         Laura Pere

·         Callum Hazelhurst

·         Rita Mawoko

21 April 2016

From Mr May

Social Science News

Y11 - Excellent effort for the attendance to enrichment and Easter revision.

Y10 - Outstanding attitude on the Castleton fieldtrip - good turn out to parents evening.

Y9 - Levi Wilkinson and Jake Werra for helping their peers complete a BTEC teamwork activity. 

21 April 2016
Spelling B and University Challenge

Our students had an amazing evening taking part in the Spelling B and University Challenge at Springs Academy this week. They were all amazing and did our school proud. I am very pleased that we returned with medals for everyone for their great work and also a trophy for winning Year 7 and 8 spelling B and the overall winners of the spelling B. Our University Challenge students also did a fantastic job given our Y9 were against Y10 from the other schools.


Please give the students that took part a big well done if you see them around school J I have attached the list of students – we took 26!!!


Thanks to Liz for coming to support us I am sure you will agree the students did a fantastic job.

21 April 2016

From School Kitchens

School Kitchen News

Our theme days are celebrating English food all next week on the main counter. Please see attached poster.


Loyalty scheme, buy 9 main meals between the 25th of April and the 9th of May and get a 10th one free.

21 April 2016

From Miss Glendinning

So Proud!

EAL - I'm so proud of Neda, Lena and Daniel who have worked so hard in their English lessons and made fantastic progress. 


7xSp3 - Well done to everyone who put a lot of effort into revising for next week's assessments. 


8xFr3 - Congratulations to all of 8x3 for doing some fantastic work, particular Rebecca, Ellie S and Hollie this week. Well done to George and Dillon for some wonderful French pronunciation.


7yFr3 - Much improvement from Archie and Kyle in this week's class. Keep it going boys!

21 April 2016

From Mr Weightman

MFL Well Done!

Well done to 8xFR1 for preparing and performing their French role play 'at the restaurant'. I am really happy with their progress this year. Keep up the good work!

21 April 2016

From English Team

English Praise

Miss Taylor - 7x3- Some fantastic disgusting recipes created! Each and every recipe was gruesome! Well done 7x3. 9p2- Fantastic analysis of Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons, showing clear and sound understanding of both characters. Keep this up!! 11x4- An absolute pleasure to teach this week. I am extremely proud of each of you for your positive attitude this week and your willingness to help your peers. You make me so proud to be your teacher! Keep this up and remember, positivity is key to nailing your GCSE!


Mr McNicholas - 8y1 – For demonstrating resilience and determination in their approach to higher level comparison tasks. 11x3 – For demonstrating resilience and tenacity when they revisited ‘Animal Farm’ for the first time – great revision sessions this week.


Miss Milner – Well done to 9P3 for their exceptional hard work comparing characters in Blood Brothers, you have all taken ownership of your own learning. Well done to 7X2 for their enthusiasm and hard work regarding Macbeth and understanding key characters. Keep it up!


Miss Siddle – Well done to Mackensie Arnott in Y7 for working so hard in ALL her English lessons as well as being such a happy and cheerful person around the Academy.


Miss Read - A huge well done to the choreographers Neve, Alicia, Cody and their dancers for some fabulous rehearsals of their original dance pieces. Lots of progress being made and I can really see your ideas developing. Great commitment from the dancers involved; a great collaborative experience with student leadership! I look forward to working with the other choreographers on their pieces.

Well done to William Britton for his excellent commitment to his work over the last two weeks; you have shown excellent understanding of the text and I look forward to reading your assessment next week! Congratulations  to Teneka, Louis, Brandon, Lewis, Lydia and Casey of 8X1 for leading outstanding starters in their English lessons this week. All tasks were highly engaging and enjoyable to take part in. Well done! Congratulations  to Steph, Courtney, Sarah, Ebony, Derren and Alex of 9X1 for leading outstanding starters in their English lessons this week. All tasks were highly engaging and enjoyable to take part in. Well done! A huge thank you to students taking part in The Outsider performance for their commitment and positivity for the project. I look forward to completing this work with you and delivering some excellent assemblies in May! Well done to Jake Skelley, Levi Wilkinson, Olivia Rowland and Demika Vose for putting lots of effort into their English work over the past week; I can see great improvement in your writing and you have been a pleasure to teach!


21 April 2016

From Mrs Womack

Science News

11X2 - Excellent start to P2 Physics, keep up the great work, not long to now until the exams. Keep up the effort and you will be rewarded in August, with a GCSE grade you can be proud of.


Year 11 Triple Science - Great start to C3, keep up the good work, not many lesson left.


Year 11 Revision - Thank you to the students who continually come to revision with me, you are taking ownership of your own learning and I am really proud of you for confronting your fears and the difficult exam questions. Keep up the revision at home.

15 April 2016

From English Team

English News

Miss Taylor - 9p2- Fantastic and continual engagement with the play Blood Brothers. It was brilliant to sit back and watch students  remain focused throughout the lesson to develop their understanding of the topic and themes presented. Keep it up 9p2! 7y4- Spectacular understanding of the plot to our new focus- Macbeth! It was wonderful to see everyone asking question to aid their understanding! Well done!


Miss Mote - I would like to give praise to 7x1 this week for the group work they have been doing for their Shakespearean Research Project; they have been modelling excellent behavior.  I would also like to give praise to 9G2 for the enthusiasm they have shown and the hard work they have attributed thus far to the new topic we are studying.


Mr Gill - 8X1    Kodie Hardcastle 8Y Layne White 8B, Emma Hurd Laycock 8I,  (Positive attitudes to learning) 

Brandon Ashton 8O (Always helpful) 9P2 Taylor Gordon 9G, Effie Vogiatzis 9V, Mark Wharam 9G ( Positive attitudes to learning) 8X3 Callum Skipworth 8G, Ross Neale 8 G, Hollie McCool 8V ( ATL) 10D/Ef1  Ricardo Farrah (helpful towards Ryan Davis) 10B,  Leanne 10I ( Lexia) Connor Dargue (perseverance)10G  7X1 Chloe Williams 7O(ATL), Megan Bailey 7R (helpful)


Mr McNicholas - 11x3 – For recovering from an average lesson, by their standards, to produce work of a personal best standard the following lesson. 7y1 – For working really hard to re-engage with language analysis.


Miss Read - A huge well done to Ben Phillips, Layne White, Elouise Garner, Brad Dunlavey, James Dyson and Lewis Kavanagh-Beardshall for leading very successful starter activities within their English classes this week. Good leadership and creativity shown. I look forward to seeing more activities next week! Well done to Corey-Lee Hibberd and Kai Green for improving their commitment to their English lessons and for showing a great improvement in their work. Keep up the great work! Well done to Cody Macfarlene and her dancers for a fabulous rehearsal during Fridays enrichment hour. Some excellent choreographic skills shown and good commitment from her dancers. I look forward to rehearsals this Friday and to seeing the other choreographers' pieces. To the wonderful Sarah Silverwood and Cameran Smith for always handing out the books every lesson without even being asked. Amazing initiative and it makes a positive start to each of your lessons. Thank you.


Miss Milner – Massive well done to 7Y2 and 7X2 for engagement an enthusiasm towards Macbeth! Well done to 10X1 for their hard work in completing their English mock exam.  Well done to Mitchell Lowbridge (9P3) for his exceptional effort in his homework this week! 

15 April 2016

From Miss Glendinning

MFL Well Done!

7yFr3 - A very well done to the whole class for an improved attitude to learning, in particular Milly-Mae Lowe who has been excellent in class recently. A special mention as well to those who consistently work hard such as Katie-Jo Stansbury, Hope Ashton, Maddison Swayne, Ellie Barton, Alex Rosa, Darcey Vose, Demi Vose, Matthew Siddall and Callum McGill.


8xFr3 - A special mention to Dillon Linskey who has shown an outstanding attitude to learning in class recently as well as George Simpson who has been working really hard in French. Well done to Rebecca Sharp and Ellie Sellars who have  made amazing efforts with their pronunciation.


7xSp3 - Keira Roberts demonstrated a great attitude to learning in Spanish this week. Well done! Stefan Amoako did a fantastic piece of written work about his house. Great work Stefan!

15 April 2016

From Mr Murrie

Jack The Ripper

All excellent work on Jack the Ripper and his victims. Also they all produced excellent written work which was of the highest standard.

(All Y8x-HI-1)

Amalie Perry

Madison Watson

Layne White

Brandon Ashton

James Sparks


(All Y8x-HI-1)

15 April 2016

From Art Department

Artwork of the Week

Artwork of the Week

Here is this weeks Art work of the week, it is a photograph by Katie Holland- Wingrove.

15 April 2016

From Miss Stephenson

MFL Congratulations

I'd like to mention Dale Ledgeway and Jordan Hodgson from my 9P German group in the languages blog this week. They have both been making an effort to contribute in lessons and complete their work to a high standard so I'd like to say again well done to both of them.

15 April 2016

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School Lettings

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Email: barnsleyacademy@schoollettings.org
Phone Number: 01226 302142


Attendance Information

‘We would like to remind parents and carers of the numbers to ring if you need to report your child’s absence from school.  The numbers to call are 01226 574117 or 01226 574213.  If there is no one in the office to take your call, a voicemail facility is available.  You can also call the school number 01226 284606 and press option 1.

Please DO NOT ring the Keep Kids Safe telephone number as that line is no longer in use.
Thank you.’


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