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Year 10 Rehearsal Examinations

Please note that Year 10 students all have rehearsal exams straight after half-term in all subjects. A detailed timetable can be found by clicking here and all students have had an individual copy of this already. Please encourage your child to revise and prepare for these exams as they are very important in terms of predicting GCSE grades for next year's final exam. If anyone needs any further details on this, please don't hesitate to email Mr Aveyard on mark.aveyard@barnsley-academy.org

Welcome to Barnsley Academy...

Executive Principal’s Welcome

I am both proud and privileged to be leading Barnsley Academy during a period of transition, development and improvement. I was welcomed into the school community in May 2014 and, since that time, I have worked in partnership with school staff, our local community and professional partners to ensure that our Academy is moving rapidly towards becoming a good school.

Our Academy is sponsored by United Learning – a group of schools which aims to provide excellent education to all children and young people across the country. As a United Learning academy, we seek to improve the life chances of all the children and young people we serve and make it our mission to bring out “the best in everyone” – students, staff, parents and the wider community.

We are committed to all of our students receiving personalised support to ensure that each one of them is able to make the progress we know they are capable of. At the heart of our practice is a desire to work with parents and carers to develop an environment which provides a truly holistic and inclusive approach which fosters high expectations and standards at every level.

Our newly formed Senior Leadership Team is excited by the challenges ahead and is uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence as we know that each of our students deserve the very best education we can offer and, it is with this aim, that we are determined to serve our own community.  

Nikki Shaw 


Latest News

25 February 2015

New Bus Service - reminder only 2 weeks to go

School Bus Service

Please be aware that from 9th March 2015 we will be changing the school bus company. There will be no changes to the times of the buses or the routes the buses take.

We will no longer be selling tickets from Main Reception. Payment of 40p (Students must show their MI Cards to get this reduced price) will be taken as the students get onto the buses each journey.

Please note that bus tickets are still available from Mrs Ralphs until the change over takes place.


Year 10 Challenge Day 13 February 2015

Year 10 Challenge Day

Jayne Whitehead

A group of Y10 pupils were privileged to participate in a Y10 Challenge Day at Emmanuel College Cambridge yesterday. In the morning they had an introduction to studying at a world class university, along with a tour of the Emmanuel College, followed by a Hogwarts- type lunch in the refectory. In the afternoon, all pupils learnt the etiquette of debate and then had to engage in a mini-debate against another school. Natasha Bell, Chloe Coles, Amy Cropper, Emily Phillips and Andrew Chipchase won their debate due to the strength of their rebuttal, smashing the arguments of their opponents. They then had an experience of university style teaching, learning about the ancient  Assryian Empire and the use of colour for communication in nature.

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13 February 2015

Attendance Team Blog

Attendance Team

Welcome to the attendance team blog. This week sees a drop in the overall attendance over the five year groups. We know this is not encouraging. However, there has been of late a particularly unpleasant bug going round the neighbourhood. This will have some effect on our figures. On a more positive note we have seen an improvement in the attendance of some particular students who are working hard to overcome barriers which have prevented good school attendance. We congratulate those students for the efforts they have made.


Part of the Attendance team’s remit is to meet latecomers to the school, when they arrive at student reception. We have become more robust in our dealings with latecomers to school and detentions have been issued for those students. The school day begins at 8.30 am. that is to say that students must be in their first lesson prepared to learn by 8.35 am. If a student has a genuine reason for being late, for example a Doctor’s appointment, and can provide evidence of that, then a detention will not be issued.  We want to thank parents for supporting their children in arriving to school on time as this contributes to them fully achieving their potential and will prepare them for the world of work.


We are aware of the difficulties faced by parents obtaining Doctor/dentist appointments outside school time, however we would ask, if at all possible, that unless there is a medical emergency parents try to obtain appointments either before the school day begins or in the late afternoon, or ideally during school term breaks. 

Thanks and have a great half term holiday.


13 February 2015

Social Science Stars

Camille Bendell

Health and Social Care

Jack Raynor Rhodes and Shannon Heavey have been highly motivated and have completed coursework in health and social care.

Chloe Young, Chelsea Jackson and Jacob Wardle have actively participated in their Health and Social care exam unit.


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Key Stage Managers 13 February 2015

Key Stage Managers

We now have in place Key Stage Managers who are the initial contact for parents wishing to raise concerns or discuss queries with regards to their child’s education, progress or welfare.

Please call main reception and use prompt

Yrs 7, 8 and 9 – Key stage 3

Yrs 10,11,12 & 13 – Key stage 4

Key Stage 3 Manager

Mrs V Doolan



Key Stage 4 Manager

Mrs N Foster


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Weekly Notice Board

From School Kitchen

Pie Week

This week is pie week.  There will be a different pie served every day this week on the main counter.  Enjoy!!

27 February 2015

From Nikki Shaw

Toilet refurbishment

The refurbishment of the student toilets has begun! All cubicles will now be completely private as they are floor to ceiling. Students have already commented on this improvement.  We plan on this scheme being complete by the end of next week.

27 February 2015

From Camille Bendell

Swinging Sixties

The whole of Y11 have demonstrated commitment and persistence in completing their History coursework on the ‘Swinging Sixties’. This is worth 25% of their final grade. Thanks for all your hard work!

27 February 2015


Social Sciences also have a new logo thanks to Mr Scully for helping us with this it looks fantastic! It will really help enhance our departments’ team ethos around the school. Thanks!

27 February 2015

From Humanities Team

Geography Awards

Y8 Jennifer Hunt  - For a fantastic Geography homework project.

Y7 Melissa Skiffington- For a fantastic Geography homework project. 

27 February 2015

From Nikki Shaw

Postcards Home

Well done to the following students who have received postcards home this week: -

Jez Baker

David Coulibaly

Courtney Denton

Jodis Gibson

Ellie-May Goulding

Louise Hammerton

Dexter Jennings

Lewis Kavanagh-Beardshall

Kia-Jade Marson

Jasmin Robinson

Hugo Rosa

Owen Simpson

Louis Wilkinson

Tommy-Jay Woodward

Kelsey Burgwin

Stephanie Haywood

Jennifer Hunt

Caitlin Saunders

Courtney Thompson

27 February 2015

From Humanities Team

History Awards

Year 7 Katie Booth –Consistent hardwork and effort in all areas of her work. Awesome!

Year 7 Lauren Horton, Nicole Massey and Karlis Kringelis for being awesome History detectives.

Y8 Neve Fellows – Excellent assessment and who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic.

Y9 Olivia Hirst – Excellent contributions in lesson.

Y9 Jack Cummin –– All round effort and application. Top notch stuff!

Y10 Charlotte Smith – Fantastic mock exam result. Well done guys.

Y11 Callum MacFarlane -for good work in History.

Y11  Jake Fenton -for determination in History. 

27 February 2015

From Humanities Team


We have had a fantastic start to term. We have so many stars this week we have run out of gold paper! Please remember to check your award in our ‘Walk of Fame’ display. 

27 February 2015

From Humanities Team

Health & Social Care Awards


Britney Craft for working hard in lessons.

Megan craven stones for working hard in lessons.


Jacob Wardle for helping others in class.

27 February 2015

From Camille Bendell


Last half term was great in PSHE. We looked at what it means to be British and our students created bunting to represent what we value and what makes up our identity. Do check out our fab display if you get a chance on the ground floor outside 6th form. 

We have had a very positive start to this half term in new PSHE classes throughout all year groups. During our PSHE lessons this half term we are covering some really important topics with the students. We will be looking at justice and how the law applies to young people. Lent and how this might help us make positive changes for our futures.  Also, we will be supporting Comic Relief and looking at poverty and how this affects the world we live in. 

27 February 2015

From Sara Cheesman

Drama Exam Date

Y11 students have now received their exam date of 14th May 2015.  They have been given a group and a play ready for them to rehearse in class up until the exam.  Alongside this students are expected to arrange their own rehearsals at lunch times and after school.

I am available Wednesdays and Fridays in the drama studio after school and at lunch times.  I will also be available to support any other rehearsals just let me know when and where rehearsals are taking place.

Any problems come and see me.

27 February 2015

From Sarah Elvin

Technology catch Up

Y11 Catch Up Sessions will be held over the next 4 weeks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays with me in GF31.  I look forward to seeing you!

27 February 2015

From Jayne Whitehead

Homework Help

Y11 French GCSE students are currently studying environmental issues in preparation for their next controlled assessment.  It would be appreciated if parents/carers could ensure that their child is practising the homework on recycling this week.  Thank you for your help!

27 February 2015

From Olivia Barnard

February Holiday Club Success

The Lexia holiday club was a great success with all students making great progress towards their Level 2 Certificate.  Although a small group, we had great fun and 3 out of the 5 students gained a Level 2 Qualification. We are hoping to run the club again in the next half term. Watch this space!

27 February 2015

From Laura Jolly

'The Heat of the Moment'

A big thank you to the South Yorkshire Fire Service who came in to deliver a talk titled ‘The Heat of the Moment’ to X band Year 7 on Monday. Y Band will be meeting with them next Monday, 2nd March.

27 February 2015

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