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In School Events

Shoe Box Appeal for the Homeless

  • If you would like to participate please see your Head of Year or Mr Bramall, Miss Jones, Mrs Broomhead and Mrs Lee
  • You will need a shoe box and wrapping paper. (School has plenty of shoe boxes if you don’t have one)
  • You will also need to include a Christmas card and write a short message to your shoebox recipient.
  • You can also help by donating individual items such as a tin of soup, a pair of gloves  if you do not want to do a full shoe box.
  • Deadline: 9th December 2016

Food Bank Collection

  • Donate to your local food bank this Christmas by bringing at least one item in to school.
  • All items can be left either in Reception or Head of Year office
  • Most wanted items: Soup, Pasta, Tuna, Flour, Tinned tomatoes, Cereal, Tinned Fruit, Tinned vegetables​​​​​
  • Collection deadline 9th December 2016

Welcome to Barnsley Academy...

As Principal of Barnsley Academy, I am delighted to welcome you to our website. I hope that it provides you with all the information you need about the academy, but more importantly, gives an insight into life here and enables you to celebrate with us the achievements of our incredible students, families and staff.

In the ever-changing world of education, we believe in keeping things simple. Our goal is to provide the very best school at the heart of its community. To achieve this, we are committed to the provision of personalised support for all of our students, helping them to achieve all that they are capable of and fulfilling their aspirations. The academy is also driven by a desire to work with parents and carers to develop an environment which provides a truly holistic and inclusive approach, generating high expectations and standards at every level.

Our Academy is sponsored by United Learning – a group of schools and academies which aims to provide excellent education to all children and young people across the country. As a United Learning academy, we are able to work within a national network of successful schools and offer more than any single school could. Working collaboratively enables all of United Learning’s schools and academies to bring out “the best in everyone” – students, staff, parents and the wider community.

We are a rapidly improving school that places our students at the centre of everything we do - something praised by Ofsted in our last inspection. Our staff are exceptionally hardworking and dedicated to improving the life chances and choices for all of our students and, as Principal, it is a privilege to work with such dedicated professionals and amazing students.

Steve Dixon




This year will certainly be another busy and exciting one for us here at Barnsley Academy, as we continue to drive forward improvements and innovative practice, ensuring the provision on offer to our students is of the very highest standard. I am delighted to be working alongside our new Principal, Mr Steve Dixon, to contribute to the leadership of our academy, which now has real strength, depth and continuity.

With Mr Dixon’s arrival, over the next twelve months I will continue in my role as Executive Principal, whilst also providing some wider support to other schools within United Learning. I am extremely proud of the amazing progress we have made here at Barnsley Academy over the last two years and, whilst we are aware that there is still more to do in securing success for our students and the wider community, we remain firmly committed to making the ongoing delivery of improvement at the academy our number one priority.

Nikki Shaw

Executive Principal

Latest News

Humanity In Motion 3 November 2016

Humanity In Motion

Anneka Read

In the build up to the half term break, over 75 students at Barnsley Academy collaborated with students from Sheffield Park and Sheffield Springs Academies to bring audiences two evenings filled with Performance including Dance, Drama and Music. The theme was 'Humanity in Motion' which moved from pieces set in the past, to the present , to the future to offer a glimpse of moments through time and things that we fear for the future. 

The show was a tremendous success with audiences of all ages giving positive reviews and it has enthused our students' ambitions to take part in even more enriching opportunities! A great platform for any student to take part in no matter their performance experience, for us to grow in confidence and to develop from each project to the next. Students are looking forward to creating new work and showing as many people as possible their talents. Our next show will be 'The Spirit of Christmas' on Wednesday 14th December 2016, watch this space for information, tickets and more... 

Y9 Rugby Success 14 October 2016

Y9 Rugby Success

Team PE

Another success story to start the day, and celebrate the achievements of our pupils:


Last night Mr Earp and I took our Y9 Rugby squad to Shaw Lane for their first competition of the year. This group of students have been working hard in lessons and enrichment time, so expectation was high that we would put in a solid performance. All of the lads gave 100% from the word go, and executed skills in defence and attack fantastically. We played 4 matches, winning all 4, with a record of 21 tries scored, and (even more impressively) 0 tries conceded.


Before the games I asked them to focus on shape and speed in defence, and they tackled with ferocity, particularly when under pressure on the line.


Even more pleasing for us was the incredible attitudes of the players - on the bus home I couldn't help but eavesdrop on the conversations they were having, in which they both commended each other and the opposition, and also talked about looking forward to the next challenge in order to improve further as a team.


Please congratulate these students if you see them.

7 October 2016

October News

Communications Team

Click Here


Please have a read of the October Newsletter!

23 September 2016

September Newsletter

Communications Team

Please have a read of the September Newsletter!

Best in Everyone Awards 13 July 2016

Best in Everyone Awards

Miss Cheesman

Lauren Watson won the United Learning Best in Everyone award. the UL group has over 40,000 students so this is a huge achievement for Lauren! The evening was superb with lots of awards from different schools. We had a fabulous evening and Lauren and her parents were very proud! Well done Lauren!

Upcoming Events

Medication Reminder

The school can only accept medications that are in date, labelled and provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist. This must include instructions for administration, dosage and storage. Parents/carers have a responsibility to bring medication into school as it cannot and will not be accepted from students.
Parents/carers must also complete a short-term medication form which is available from reception.

Weekly Notice Board

From 5th - 9th December

Christmas Dinner

Please click on 'Christmas Dinner' to take a look at the Christmas Menu for next week.

2 December 2016

Fantastic work from all of the students involved in the upcoming Spirit of Christmas


Well done to 9P Drama for really settling in after the carousel and producing some great work Mrs Lee

2 December 2016

Mrs Robinson -

All childcare (Y10) class excellent work and dedication on starting their new course.

Mr Murrie -

Jamie Caine excellent work on WWI and well done to Nathan Bates on some very detailed answers on life in the trenches.

Miss Durose -

Rebecca Groom and Grace Love for fantastic work in intervention.

Mr May -

Declan Kenworthy Y10 – a brilliant homework answer on tropical cyclones in developing countries

Levi-Merrils Y11 – For an excellent effort catching up on controlled assessment

Chloe Naylor Y8 – A really imaginative homework piece on headland erosion

Miss Catterill -

All three Y7 history classes for enthusiasm and hard work.

2 December 2016

This week, we have had Aqua Hawcroft working really hard to solve some calculations in Chemistry.

Kaitlin, Charlotte and Morgan Haigh worked really hard in terms of effort in their mocks.

Toby Brook has been trying really hard to understand nad engage in chemistry lessons.

Ebony Fairhurst after being off has taken the time to complete her mock after school and  spent time to catch up on her coursework.


Bethany Raynor has consistently demonstrated the right attitude to learning and always tries her best.


Joe Lunn has made a huge improvement in behaviour and attitude to learning this week.

2 December 2016

This week's star workers are:

Riona Smith

Jack Arnold

 These students have put great effort to move up a level on the Lexia program.

Well done from the LRC.

2 December 2016

11-3 – For their focused attempts at using DAFOREST in their non-fiction responses.


9p1 – For an exceptional level of determination and maturity in approaching their end of term assessment.


9b1 – For demonstrating resilience when revisiting language analysis.


10P3 – For their concentration and participation in profiling characters from the novel ‘A Christmas Carol.’


2 December 2016

Please take a look at the updated bus routes now uploaded to start from 4th January 2017.  They can be located under the tab for Student Information.

28 November 2016
PE Success

Just wanted to share with you some success from our netball fixtures on 22nd November. Both our Y7 and Y9 teams played against Shafton tonight at the academy.

The Y9 team won very convincingly with a final score ot 19-7. These girls come training week in week out and some have gone on to play competitively in their own time.

The Y7 team had a fantastic match. This was the first time they had ever played for school. Every single student gave their all from start to finish but unfortunately narrowly missed out on the win in the final minutes of the game losing 4-3.

Niamh Astley
Macey-Jane Simpson
Hayley Hibberd
Casey Mitchell
Keeley Watson
Grace Penney
George Jackson

Laura Pere
Anna Philips
Libby Tonge
Lucy Clark
Amalie Perry
Courtney Watson
Tori Fairburn
Katie Booth

Team pictures attached.

24 November 2016

English praise as follows:

Miss Tylor - 10b1- Continued determination in their approach to descriptive writing. Some fantastic results after their assessments.

11 5- Fantastic attitudes towards their exams this week. Remember positivity is key to nailing your GCSE!

7x1- Amazing horror stories! I cannot wait to see you create your books!


Miss Read - Congratulations go to 7x3 and 7y1 for producing beautiful adaptations of The Lost City of Atlantis; some excellent descriptive writing and lots of positive uses of the skills, well done!

Well done to 10G1 for creating some excellent descriptive writing based on 9/11, hard work is beginning to pay off and I can see some very good progress - I look forward to seeing your 'At the Border' pieces! Keep up the great work!


Miss Milner – Well done to 11x1 for their amazing attitude to learning throughout their mock exams.

24 November 2016

As the weather worsens, please can we remind all students to bring correct, and appropriate, kit for all PE lessons. For further guidance please see the ‘Correct PE kit’ section of the website.

24 November 2016

Great work from Year 8 Music working with Mr Jones on a Ukulele workshop.


Fantastic work from 9P Drama in their final assessments Mrs Lee.

24 November 2016

Celebrating success in the LRC
This week's star workers are:
Bailey Vose

Joshua Griffiths

James Lavelle

These students have put great effort to move up a level on the Lexia program.
Well done from the LRC.

24 November 2016

Mrs Edge - 

Jasmine Woodhall 7B – amazing enthusiasm in French and using her independent skills to think about forming the present tense.  Every lesson she questions, thinks and works really hard.  A fantastic role model for any language learner!


Charlie Medlam 10 – fantastic change of attitude in German.  Working hard and really trying to get to grips with the language.


Miss Glendenning - 

9b1 - Well done to everyone for being so enthusiastic and engaged in lesson!

9p2 - Excellent work by Kodie Hardcastle and a massive improvement by Matthew Foster. 


Mr Weightman - 

Well done to 9BSP1 for a fantastic and mature approach to their dirt lesson.


24 November 2016

Another great week in maths, here are some of the highlights:

Excellent resilience shown by year 11 this week during rehearsal exams week, keep going with this determination to succeed. We can’t wait to mark your papers and see how much you have progressed since the start of the year.


Other success stories of the week:


Miss Henshaw –

Year 10 have had an incredible week this week, fantastic determination displayed by 10p2 when looking at quadratic sequences. 10g1 have also had a fantastic week constructing pie charts, resilience has definitely been tested.  My stars of the week are: Tyler Smith (Y7) Connor Bell (Y10) India Newton (Y10) Rhianne Fenton (Y11)


Mr. Horsfield –

Some really positive performances in Maths lessons this week. Year 7 have started work on Fractions and has seen some outstanding contributions to learning from numerous members of the class. Excellent work from Matthew Hendley, Jasmine Woodhall and Charlotte Cook to name a few.


Year 10 has also seen some students showing confidence in their learning well done to Courtney Yates, Jack Wilkinson and Joe Lunn over the past few lessons. I have also been astounded at the attitude and effort of another of our EAL students this week. Massive well done to Dolaresa Pauca for your work in class.


Mr. Camm –

7y1 Joshua Boid - Fantastic work as the class expert/student teacher.

7x1 Liam Mountain - Excellent attitude to learning.

9g1 Darren Ledgeway - Hard work in maths lessons.


Mr. Richards -

Jaymie-Lee Slater Y9 Outstanding classwork, homework and attitude


Mr. Wilson

Storm Coles has made an excellent improvement in Maths this week, keep it going Storm!

24 November 2016

Ebony greenwood and Beth Raynor 8y3 have been working fantastically with Miss Wright when making videos on digestion.

In 9g Asher Fedrom and Chloe Smith have worked really hard to complete an extended piece of writing on neutralisation and complete an exam question.

24 November 2016
Artwork of the Week

Harry Wager - Artwork Of The  Week!

18 November 2016

Mrs Robinson -

All childcare (Y10) class excellent work and dedication on starting their new course.

Mr Murrie -

Jamie Caine excellent work on WWI and well done to Nathan Bates on some very detailed answers on life in the trenches.

Miss Durose -

Rebecca Groom and Grace Love for fantastic work in intervention.

Mr May -

Declan Kenworthy Y10 – a brilliant homework answer on tropical cyclones in developing countries

Levi-Merrils Y11 – For an excellent effort catching up on controlled assessment

Chloe Naylor Y8 – A really imaginative homework piece on headland erosion

Miss Catterill -

All three Y7 history classes for enthusiasm and hard work. 

18 November 2016

WOW - 9P Music 1 - I am SUPER impressed with your School of Rock performances. Special mention to: 


Alyssa - singing & keyboard

Ross - keyboard

Kelsey - ukulele

Laura - keyboard/piano

Libby - singing

Chris - drums

Maddie - Singing

Katie - ukulele

Jessica - keyboard 

Rita - keyboard


You all worked exceptionally well - I am very impressed. 

18 November 2016

Miss Henshaw – Fantastic attitude to learning shown by 11x3 this week, excellent determination and resilience to do well in next week’s exam rehearsals. My stars of the week this week have been – Jakub Wyskiel(Y11), John Benn(Y10, Nicole Massey(Y9) and Callum Brown(Y7)


Mr Richards –

Barron Davis Y11 Super hard working lad.

Katie Booth Y9 fantastic work, learning person just brilliant


Mr Horsfield –

Some excellent work from several Year 11 students who seem to be making the extra effort in the lead up to their trial exams. Special well done to Cameron Aitken, Kurtis Walker, Mantyvdas Matonis, Ana Semova and Emma Emery who scored highly in the class test on Angles.



Mr Bramall - Fantastic effort and attitude from 7x3 and 7y3 in maths this week – keep up the hard work

18 November 2016

This week's star workers are:

Amelia Lynch

Cory-Lee Hibberd

Keira Roberts

John Bedford

They have put great effort to move up a level on the Lexia program.

Well done from the LRC.
18 November 2016

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