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Over the last several months parents have been sent data collection forms relating to your children at Barnsley Academy.  These forms are important documents which need to be filled in and returned, in order for Barnsley Academy to hold relevant and important information regarding your children.  If as yet you haven’t returned these documents please do so as a matter of urgency.



Welcome to Barnsley Academy...

Executive Principal’s Welcome

I am both proud and privileged to be leading Barnsley Academy during a period of transition, development and improvement. I was welcomed into the school community in May 2014 and, since that time, I have worked in partnership with school staff, our local community and professional partners to ensure that our Academy is moving rapidly towards becoming a good school.

Our Academy is sponsored by United Learning – a group of schools which aims to provide excellent education to all children and young people across the country. As a United Learning academy, we seek to improve the life chances of all the children and young people we serve and make it our mission to bring out “the best in everyone” – students, staff, parents and the wider community.

We are committed to all of our students receiving personalised support to ensure that each one of them is able to make the progress we know they are capable of. At the heart of our practice is a desire to work with parents and carers to develop an environment which provides a truly holistic and inclusive approach which fosters high expectations and standards at every level.

Our newly formed Senior Leadership Team is excited by the challenges ahead and is uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence as we know that each of our students deserve the very best education we can offer and, it is with this aim, that we are determined to serve our own community.  

Nikki Shaw 


Latest News

20 November 2015

Updated - Provisional Examination Timetable

Data Team

Please find attached this weeks updated Provisional Updated Timetable 2015/16.



Students at Barnsley Academy have been paying their respects on Remembrance Day, creating a special display of 1,000 poppies.

6 November 2015

Updated - Provisional Examination Timetable

Mr Wood

Please find attached an updated version of the examination timetable for 2015.16

4 November 2015

SLS Lettings Company

Hire Our Facilities

Should you wish to hire out our facilities or take part in any activities on an evening please contact:



Website - http://www.barnsleyacademy.schoolbookings.co.uk


Email - barnsleyacademy@schoollettings.org


SLS are now handling all of the bookings on behalf of Barnsley Academy.


23 October 2015

Provisional Examination Timetable 2015/16

Data Team

Please click to see the Provisional Examination Timetable for 2015-16.

12345678910 Last
«November 2015»
26/10/2015 - 01/11/2015
26/10/2015 - 01/11/2015
26/10/2015 - 01/11/2015
26/10/2015 - 01/11/2015
26/10/2015 - 01/11/2015
26/10/2015 - 01/11/2015
26/10/2015 - 01/11/2015
11/11/2015 16:30 - 19:00
16/11/2015 08:30 - 20/11/2015 14:30
16/11/2015 08:30 - 20/11/2015 14:30
16/11/2015 08:30 - 20/11/2015 14:30
16/11/2015 08:30 - 20/11/2015 14:30
16/11/2015 08:30 - 20/11/2015 14:30
02/12/2015 16:30 - 19:00

Weekly Notice Board

From Miss Cheesman

Y9 Notice

The year 9 weekly notice board is now up outside the Head of Year office. The board has weekly attendance, what’s going on in school and other sections. Year 9 are encouraged to check the board on a weekly basis to see what’s happening in the academy for our year group! This week there is a photo from Summer School in 2013! See if you can spot yourself. 

23 November 2015

From Miss Cheesman

Drama Blog

A fantastic week for Y9 drama who have really gotten to grips with the surrealism used in Artaud’s work. The students are creating fairy tales, nightmares and nursery rhymes using Artaudian techniques.  Well done year 9 for trying something new and exciting in class! 

23 November 2015

From Mr Pirie

PE Updates

Congratulations to the following footballers who have been selected to represent Barnsley Schools Football:


U12s year 7: Keenan Moorhouse

U13s year 8: Atley Jackson, Lewis Hemingway, Jared Markey, Connor Scarfe and Brandon Ashton

U14s year 9: Derran Kaye, Alex Mitchell, Liam O'Brian

U15s year 10: Luke Wrigglesworth


A great achievement, well done to these young men!

20 November 2015

From Mrs Doolan

Anti-Bullying Week

Students have engaged really well this week in their anti bullying assemblies. Staff and students are united, wearing the official wristbands and “making a noise about bullying”.

Keep supporting our mission by wearing the bands!

20 November 2015

From Mr McNicholas

English News

Congratulations to Y11 for all their hard work this week – they have been exceptional in the English examinations.


Well done to 10x2 who have demonstrated an eagerness to succeed and achieve in GCSE English


Excellent independent work from 7y1 who are really mastering informal letters


Thanks to 8y1 – they continue to impress, having grasped formal letter writing and semi-colon lists.

20 November 2015

From Mr Horsfield

Maths Blog

Some great work this week in class completed by the following students


Year 7- Thomas Blackburn,


Year 8- Courtney Walker, Elisha Drakeley. Courtney Robinson and Millie Richardson


Year 9- Leo Tudor, Tyler Deakin


Year 10- Jordan Welford.


Really pleased also to see so many developing their learning both in school and through homework. Well done!!



20 November 2015

From Mrs Lawtey

Maths - Y11

What a busy week for Year 11!!  The whole of the year group have approached the rehearsal Maths exams with a clear determination to succeed.  Well done year 11 and keep it going. 


Team maths

20 November 2015

From Miss Elsadig

English - Excellent work

Well done to Ethan Johnson who worked incredibly hard this week in the library. He read, had a discussion with me, completed some writing and spelling practice and proved himself very capable. Excellent work. 
20 November 2015

From Mrs Siddle

Keep up the good work!

Well done to Joe Cooper from 10Y2 who has worked exceptionally hard in English and stayed behind to complete his work. Keep it up!
20 November 2015

From Miss Milner

English News

Massive well done to 9P3 who have worked tremendously this week forming debates and were really grown up in their discussions. Liam O’Brien, Leon Beaumont, Jack Welford, Mitchell Lowbridge, Lucy Moss and Sharlene Moore were particularly enthusiastic and engaged during the courtroom role play task. Well done! Keep up the good work!
20 November 2015

From Miss Thompson

MFL News

11 French - Working really hard to complete controlled assessments


Connor Goodall - Y7 French.  Excellent effort and work in lessons.


Kate Gerdena - Excellent results in first Spanish assessment.

Well done to you all!

20 November 2015

From Mrs Womack

Science News


Alex Hague's attitude to learning as been fantastic this week, a great improvement.

10X2 in general have been a pleasure to teach this week.


7X1 - Have all done well on their Level Assessed Tasks.


11 Triple B - Made a fantastic start to the Physics required  for further additional science


10 Triple - Did some fantastic independent learning on X-Rays, ultrasounds and CT Scanners.

Keep up the great work!!

20 November 2015

From Miss Hutchinson

Christmas Jumper Day

4 Weeks To Go!


Friday 18th December is Christmas Jumper Day.  With one month to go this notice gives everyone, staff and students who wish to join in ample opportunity to organize the most magnificent Christmas attire.  A minimum donation of 50p per person, all proceeds will go to Text Santa to support the three charities as outlined.

20 November 2015

From School Kitchens

Theme Day

There will be an American Theme in the school kitchen next week to Celebrate Thanksgiving!

20 November 2015

From Mrs Stott

Y7 and Y8 Masks

I’ve attached photos of the yr7 and yr8 students who created designs for Halloween masks in the LRC.  Well done!

20 November 2015

From Mrs Howlett

CSI IN Maths

9P3 in maths were fantastic working in pairs, to solve the clues and discover who the criminal was in a CSI style activity. Congratulations to Adam Worrall for identifying the criminal first.

20 November 2015

From Art Department

Technology Work of the Week

Technology Work of the Week

Here is this weeks Technology work of the week, it is  a watermelon doorstop, designed and Made by Connor Bell in year 9.

20 November 2015

From Mrs Bedford

Attendance News




From Monday 23rd November, please be aware that there will be two levels of late detentions.  If your child arrives up to ten minutes late, this will incur a fifteen minute detention on the same day and 20 Vivo's will be deducted from their account.  If your child is more than ten minutes late, this will incur a thirty minute detention on the same day and 40 Vivo's will be deducted from their account.  

It is vital that your child attends school every day and on time to enable them to access the very best from their learning.  Thank you for supporting us in improving punctuality.

20 November 2015

From Mrs Bendell

Social Science News

Social Science News

Y8 have had a great time in Beamish this week. Please enjoy the attached picture. 


Going for Gold Awards this week are as follows:


Health and Social Care

Charlie Wheeler Y11

Britney Craft Y11

Kaitlin Haigh Y10

Olivia Denton Y10

Nicole Wigfield Y11

Ellie Lockwood Y10

Libby Clarke Y10



Ross Neale Y8

Shelby Bray Y8

Lydia Stone Y8



Curtis Evers Y10

Milly Charlesworth-Constable  - Y7

Bethany Skelton - Y7 

Rebecca Bentley - Y7 



Adam Johnson Y10

Molly Platts Y8

Curtis Evers Y10

20 November 2015

From Mr Pirie

PE Announcement

Barnsley Academy PE department are please to announce that we will be working closely with Team Activ in the near future to run a series of parent/carer, staff and teacher sporting events.


Please can any parents or carers of students at Barnsley Academy who would like to get involved in some sociable sport then please get in contact with Mr Pirie on 01226284606 or james.pirie@barnsley-academy.org.


We look forward to hearing from you!

20 November 2015

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