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Executive Principal’s Welcome

I am both proud and privileged to be leading Barnsley Academy during a period of transition, development and improvement. I was welcomed into the school community in May 2014 and, since that time, I have worked in partnership with school staff, our local community and professional partners to ensure that our Academy is moving rapidly towards becoming a good school.

Our Academy is sponsored by United Learning – a group of schools which aims to provide excellent education to all children and young people across the country. As a United Learning academy, we seek to improve the life chances of all the children and young people we serve and make it our mission to bring out “the best in everyone” – students, staff, parents and the wider community.

We are committed to all of our students receiving personalised support to ensure that each one of them is able to make the progress we know they are capable of. At the heart of our practice is a desire to work with parents and carers to develop an environment which provides a truly holistic and inclusive approach which fosters high expectations and standards at every level.

Our newly formed Senior Leadership Team is excited by the challenges ahead and is uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence as we know that each of our students deserve the very best education we can offer and, it is with this aim, that we are determined to serve our own community.  

Nikki Shaw 


Latest News

21 January 2015

Parent News Letters

From the end of January every Friday evening you will be able to access on our website a newsletter especially for parents/carers.  On here we will be able to keep you posted with the latest news and events from Barnsley Academy ......................keep a look out for more information.
21 January 2015

Y11 School Prom

Watch this space

The School Prom will be taking place on 25th June 2015.  Please watch this space the full details will be on here by the end of the week.  Tickets need to be ordered by 20th February with a small deposit.


21 January 2015

In Case of Snow

The winter has arrived along with the bad weather.  We will endeavor to open the school every day to make sure that children and their learning come first.  However, if the Schools Leadership feels that the weather would put children and adults at risk, we will close the school to ensure their safety.


Weekly Notice Board

From Vicky Gilmore

Maths Revision

Year 11 maths revision every Thursday 3pm – 4pm.
Grade A/A* in FF12
Grade B in FF10
Grade C in FF14
Grade G – C in FF15
Refreshments provided. All year 11’s welcome!!!
30 January 2015

From Nikki Shaw

School Ties

We apologise for the delay in giving our students a new school tie. This is due to our suppliers giving us a new delivery date of the end of February.
30 January 2015

From Jane Hutchinson

Bench Builders

Thank you to Matthew Booth, Lewis Richards and Danny Fitzpatrick who have built the benches in and around the Academy for all students to use at break and lunch times. Their help and support has been massively appreciated not only by the students who use them but also by the staff.
30 January 2015

From Laura Espin

Science Blog

This week Y11 students have completed their GCSE coursework; investigating the effect of temperature on the height of a bouncing ball! All students have worked exceptionally hard, lets hope the results reflect their effort!
30 January 2015

From Nikki Shaw

Postcards Home

We have recently introduced postcards home as part of our reward system. We are planning to publish the names of all students who receive a postcard on a weekly basis. If any parent/carer does not wish for their child's name to be included on our weekly message board, please contact Amy Rooney at: amy.rooney@barnsley-academy.org
30 January 2015

From Patrick Taylor

ICT and Business

ICT – Year 11 BTEC ICT have had letters sent home to parents to inform them if their children have not met their deadlines. The pupils must return their reply slips as soon as possible to Mr East. Students are required to attend a Monday or Wednesday after school intervention session. If these times are not convenient please let me know so we can re-schedule.

Business – Year 11 GCSE Business groups are encouraged to attend after school intervention sessions with Mr Sutton and Mrs Broomhead. The sessions are provided to prepare students fully for their Unit 1 and Unit 4 exams.
30 January 2015

From Mike Rooke

English Department

In English this week our Year 10 students have been working frantically to complete their controlled assessments. Many students are now working towards the end of Units 1 and 3 in English Language and should have this finished by February half-term. Year 11 students are currently revising for their English Literature examination and are studying Animal Farm and poetry.

Please click to continue to find out more..........

30 January 2015

From MFL Team

German Lesson

Pupils in Y71 German had a lovely lesson today, describing soft toys as their pets in German, at level 4 both to their classmates and to 7Y2 German class. They even managed to teach the other children some new vocabulary, such as,” he lives in the forest” and ” I have a caterpillar!”
30 January 2015

From Attendance Team

100% Attendance

“Andrew Reece and Caroline Bedford are the Barnsley Academy Attendance Team.  Every school day we are available to support you and your child to aim for and achieve 100% attendance.  We can offer advice if your child is ill or is experiencing any difficulties or barriers to good school attendance.  

Continue reading to see contact details and find out more information.....

30 January 2015

From Jayne Whitehead - MFL

Study Tour to Germany

The Modern Languages Department would like to announce that the Study Tour to Germany is to go ahead in June 2015. Deposits have been sent to the tour company this week. Parents/Carers will receive a letter with more details shortly. We wish to thank all parents/Carers who are supporting this visit.

30 January 2015

From Jane Hutchinson


HPV Vaccinations are taking place on Tuesday 3rd February for  Year 8 girls.

30 January 2015

From Mike Yates - Performing Arts

Loserville the Musical

Rehearsals are going really well, every day in the main hall from 3 - 4 pm for all of the cast.  The show will be performed in the last week before the Easter break, Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th March.  Tickets go on sale after half term.  #barnsleyacademy #slacker #ticketoutaloserville

30 January 2015

From Nikki Shaw

Student Prefects

We have extended the deadline for applications.  The new deadline is Wednesday, 4th February and we are encouraging applications for all year groups.

28 January 2015

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