Transition Parents Page

The transition from primary to secondary school is exciting for children and marks a new phase in their lives. Children recognise it as part of growing up and are aware that their lives are about to change in an important way. Like any change, it can also bring uncertainty.

Most children will manage the transition to secondary school successfully. However, there may be ups and downs. It’s easy for children to slip from feeling happy and confident one minute, to feeling nervous or anxious and back again as they find their feet.

Building friendships and relationships

Whether your child is going to a school where a lot of their friends are going, or they are going to a school where they do not know anyone it’s important to start talking about friendships.

  • Help your child think about how to approach meeting new people and starting conversations. Remind them that all children in their year are in the same situation. 
  • It can be helpful to encourage children to join some extracurricular activities at their new school as another way of meeting like-minded young people.
  • If possible, plan activities over the summer holidays which allow your children to meet up with others

Parent Portal and Arbor App

The Parent Portal and Arbor App let parents register their child for a club or trip, book parents evening slots, and manage payments all from their phone or computer. Parents can also check in on their child’s attendance, behaviour and progress.

If you are having difficulty using Arbor, please contact school. Please do not contact Arbor support directly.

Y6 Transition 2024

Our transition dates for students joining us in September 2024 is Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th July 2024.
Students will need to attend wearing their primary school uniform, Academy uniform is not required until September. 
All Year 7 Students will be provided a free Barnsley Academy bag on their first day in September.  This Barnsley Academy bag will be part of their school uniform and will need to be brought into school each day.  No other bag is required.