Year 6 Transition

Y6 Transition 2024

Our transition dates for students joining us in September 2024 is Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th July 2024.
Students will need to attend wearing their primary school uniform, Academy uniform is not required until September. 
All Year 7 Students will be provided a free Barnsley Academy bag on their first day in September.  This Barnsley Academy bag will be part of their school uniform and will need to be brought into school each day.  No other bag is required.


Thinking about joining Y7 at Barnsley Academy in September? 

Dear Families,

Our aim is to offer you an insight into our happy, warm and purposeful learning environment, where all our students learn, achieve and develop into confident, determined and ambitious young people, prepared for a successful, fulfilled life.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone at Barnsley Academy for further support or guidance, please do contact the academy; we are here to help. 

We look forwarding to seeing you at our annual Open Evening and hope that you choose to join us in September.

Team Barnsley Academy 

Our aims

  • To reassure Year 6 students about their transition to Barnsley Academy and to prepare them for academy life
  • To support parents and provide them with all the information they need throughout the transition process
  • To gather relevant information from all our feeder primary schools about each student joining Barnsley Academy in September.

Applying for a place before 31 October

If your child was born between 1 September and 31 August, you can apply in September for them a place at secondary school for the academic year starting September.

Before applying for your child a place at secondary school, please read the information in our booklet: 

For your child to start secondary school in September 2024, you need to apply for a place before the deadline of 30 November 2023. However, if you are unable to meet this deadline we will treat applications received up to and including 30 November as on time. You must;

  • Apply online to transfer your child from primary to secondary school. 
  • View our guide to applying on the parent portal.
  • If you are unable to apply online then please contact school admissions who can provide support and guidance to assist you.  If you are still unable to apply online then you can request a paper application form from school admissions, and return it to the headteacher of your child’s current school or send it to School Admissions, PO Box 634, Barnsley S70 9GG (up to the deadline of 30 November 2023).

If your child doesn’t currently attend a Barnsley primary school, but you want to apply for them a place at a Barnsley secondary school, please apply online 

Applying for a place after 30 November 2023

You can still apply online for a school place after the closing date however your application will be processed after offer day.