Student Leadership

Our values, to be ambitious, enthusiastic, creative, empowering, and united, constitute the framework of student voice and leadership opportunities. We believe that students should have the opportunity to participate actively in academy life by taking up roles and responsibilities throughout the academic year in order to contribute to whole school improvement. This is key to a deeper student engagement and enables our students to participate in the sort of leadership opportunities which prepare them for life in modern democratic Britain and a global society. A society where we value equal opportunities and one in which a variety of beliefs and opinions are heard. 

Student Council
Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

You can always find an Anti-bullying Ambassador nearby. They are on duty every break and lunch time, patrolling the yards. If there is ever an issue with bullying the Anti-bullying Ambassadors are trained to spot, report and support.  


Cultural Ambassadors

At Barnsley Academy, we are proud of our diversity and our encompassing ethos. We believe that everyone is welcome here. We want to make sure that every person, no matter what their background, feels comfortable and that they are represented in a positive way in our school. 

Digital Ambassadors
Eco Ambassadors

This group of students are responsible for the promotion of looking after the school environment and our role in looking after the world.  The ambassadors will oversee the need to save energy in the class, will implement (with the support of their peers) ways in which they can reuse or recycle.  They will ensure waste is kept to a minimum and that electricity/water is used wisely.

Literacy Ambassadors
Music Ambassadors
Wellbeing Ambassadors

Wellbeing Ambassadors work to support their fellow students needs. They work to promote positive mental health by offering ‘mindful’ lunch time drop-in sessions and offering mindful activities.