We like to celebrate the achievements of our students here at the Barnsley Academy, and the successes of those who have moved on to pastures new. This page details some of the previous students who have kept in touch with us over the years. If you are ex-student of Barnsley Academy and would like to share your story and keep in touch, please click here to send us your details.

2022-23 Head Student

Drew Leonard

I am incredibly grateful for the fantastic opportunity the role of Head Student represents. Being able to represent Barnsley Academy and work to make it even better truly is exciting. In this school, we have cultivated a fantastic culture of hard work and resilience among students with our core values of ambition, determination, and respect at its heart. I sincerely hope that I will persevere with this attitude for years to come, as it has developed my character and will undoubtedly develop the character of all students in the community.

Personally, I have been privileged to be involved in an array of opportunities at Barnsley Academy. I have gained the skills and attributes necessary to deliver speeches at Open Evenings, which has subsequently given me the confidence to go on and join the Barnsley Youth Council, where we work on issues important to young people. I also leapt at the opportunity to take an external qualification in cybersecurity as this is something I would like to explore further in the future, and developing the necessary skills now will really benefit me as I continue my education. I was also encouraged and supported to apply for the Orwell Award at Eton College, for which I was shortlisted out of over 200 applicants! Having the opportunity to work towards this prestigious award was surreal, and the traits I developed during the rigorous application process will serve me well when it comes to applying for study and jobs in the future.

As Head Student, I would especially like to improve the experiences of the student community in all aspects of school life – academic, pastoral, and beyond. I will be working closely with the Head Student committee to ensure that we achieve this goal and continue the promotion of not just a world-class learning environment, but also a well-rounded, welcoming learning environment so that all members of the community enjoy their time at school.

Finally, reflecting on my time at Barnsley Academy, I know that when I leave the school to pursue further study and focus on my A Levels, I will be able to look back on my time here with pride – pride in the school, the school community, and myself.

2022-23 Head Student

Chloe Lockwood

As Head Student, I am extremely proud and honoured to represent Barnsley Academy and to be a voice for the student community in school. With our culture of learning and character development ingrained in everything that happens in school, the school community works together to prepare every child for the goals and aspirations that they want to accomplish. The teachers at Barnsley Academy equip us with the knowledge we need to succeed and strive to ensure we achieve our goals and aspirations, whatever they may be. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to ‘The Barnsley Academy Way’ and to promote positive character values, a tireless work ethic, and moral civic duties that will make sure all students can achieve their goals.

My educational journey at Barnsley Academy has helped me to develop and flourish as an individual. I have been given so many opportunities to participate in trips, leadership roles, and other experiences which have aided me in becoming a well-rounded person. For example, in Year 7 I visited London with the school to watch a Broadway musical, and I have also had the opportunity to attend a weekend residential trip in Year 11 where I participated in outdoor activities and revision sessions with my year group. These have helped to develop my resilience and self-confidence, and these are skills I will take with me when I leave Barnsley Academy. I have taken on additional leadership responsibilities by leading sports clubs at Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre and in Sheffield, which gave me confidence to apply for the role of Head Student. These are all fond memories which I will cherish for the rest of my life.

As well as all the extracurricular opportunities offered, the staff and teachers at school have worked hard to achieve my potential and succeed in my GCSEs. The school has provided me with so many opportunities to further my learning – opening the ‘Success Lounge’ for quiet revision after school, extra tutoring after school to push me to achieve my best, and support from staff which have all been invaluable during my time in Year 11. With the support of my teachers, I feel confident and self-assured on approach to my GCSE exams.

Thinking about my time here at Barnsley Academy, I am proud to say that I have gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities as I have progressed throughout school. I have had opportunities and experiences that I never thought I would, and being elected as Head Student in my final year is testament to how much I have developed as a person through my school journey. I am extremely grateful for what the school has done for me and I will carry the skills and values I have gained with me when I look to the future.