Academy Values & Vision

Our vision and our values have been arrived at after consultation with staff and students at Barnsley Academy. 

Every decision we take, from appointing staff, to creating policies and deciding student pathways, is made using these values. We expect all staff to exhibit them and use them in decision-making. We encourage all young people, and their families, to work within these values.

Our Values


  • Not giving up, especially during adversity
  • Embracing the challenges of learning at a high level
  • Supporting each other to achieve


  • Aspiring to be the best people we can possibly be; and know what this looks like
  • Aspiring to achieve the highest outcomes possible
  • Aspiring to achieve the best jobs, college and university places


  • Showing due consideration for the values, opinions and beliefs of others
  • Understanding that we are all different from one another
  • Respect for ourselves, others and the environment

Our Vision:

“To be an Academy of character and excellence. To provide a unique and extraordinary experience that sets us apart: locally, nationally and internationally.”