The Grammar Stream

A grammar stream is a group of approximately 30 highly academically able students. They will be taught a more challenging and in-depth curriculum from Year 7 onwards, as well as having access to a programme of extracurricular opportunities that will put them on the path to the world’s best universities. We will be starting our first grammar stream cohort in September 2023.

The aims of the Grammar Stream are:

  •  To ensure high prior attaining students make excellent academic progress
  •  To develop our students’ culture and character to stand out from their peers
  •  To facilitate our students to enrich the world

We expect all of our grammar stream students to leave with a suite of GCSEs achieved at the very highest grades. However, rather than just leaving with excellent grades, we want them to leave as fully rounded individuals, achieving success across the sports field, the dance studios, the theatres and concert halls, or whichever fields our young men and women have the talents and interests in. We will work with students to raise their aspirations to perform at the highest level in their chosen areas, facilitating them to become future leaders and enrich the world.

Students will be selected for the Grammar Stream during their first half term at Barnsley Academy in Year 7. They will take the same base level assessments that all Barnsley Academy students take part in. At each assessment point (mid-year and end of year) there will be opportunities to enter or leave the Grammar Stream. We see this movement as a positive thing for all of our students. For children who begin Year 7 in the Grammar Stream, their situations may change, which mean it is no longer the best option for them. Similarly, children who at age 11 were not ready for the rigour of the Grammar Stream, or perhaps for reasons beyond their control were not in a position to perform well, may, later on, become ready for it – often, in our experience after a period of the high-quality education we offer here reveals their ‘true’ ability as well as raises their aspirations.

Grammar Stream students have a wealth of support available to them. As part of their year group, they still have access to a dedicated pastoral team and a Head of Year who are responsible for their welfare and safeguarding. In addition, they will have an experienced tutor, and the Grammar Stream Coordinator who monitors students’ academic progress and provision.

It is important to remember that Grammar Stream or no Grammar Stream, all students receive an excellent education at Barnsley Academy.

For further information regarding our Grammar Stream please contact Eilidh Smith -