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Barnsley Academy recognises that safeguarding encompasses the duties of child protection and promoting the rights and welfare of children. As such, it is:

  • Everyone’s responsibility to safeguard children

  • Everyone who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play; and

  • Everyone working with children maintains an attitude of ‘it could happen here’.

This includes all staff, governors and volunteers working in the school.

It also applies to contractors and visitors during any interactions they may have with children, United Learning central office staff and to Trustees, working in or on behalf of the school.

All staff at the Academies are Level 2 Safeguarding trained. This training is at the start of the Academic year and then provided once per term so any new staff or those returning from leave receive it. The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Deputy DSLs are Level 3 trained.

Mary Potter
Mary Potter
Stephen Pitcher
Stephen Pitcher
Senior Vice Principal
Emily Thompson-O'Brien
Emily Thompson-O'Brien
Lisa Hickling
Lisa Hickling
Medical & Wellbeing Lead
Annette Wilson
Annette Wilson
ANC Coordinator
Rebecca Watson
Rebecca Watson
Attendance Manager
John Ashton
John Ashton
AVP - Behaviour

Safeguarding whilst the school is closed:

If the child is in danger

999 or (01142) 202020.

If the child is not at risk of immediate harm

If you're concerned about a child, but they're not in immediate danger, it's still important to share the information with us as soon as possible.

If your call is not urgent contact the Assessment Service on (01226) 772423. Offices are open between Monday and Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Out of hours emergencies

If you want to report your concern urgently and our offices are closed you can contact our Emergency Duty Team on (01226) 787789. They work on weekends and bank holidays and deal with issues that can't wait until usual office opening hours. 

Keeping children and young people safe is everyone's business

If you have even the slightest concerns about a child or young person's welfare, don't ignore it - do something about it.

You can find out more about what child abuse and neglect is, and how to spot the signs on the NSPCC website.

If you're working with children and young people, the government publication What to do if you're worried a child is being abused contains information and advice regarding the most appropriate course of action to take if you are worried about the safety of a child or young person. It also explains how agencies should respond to your concerns.

How we investigate allegations of abuse

If you contact us because you suspect a child is at risk we'll look into the concerns you've reported. We won't be able to share any information about the child or their family with you, or tell you what action we've taken. 

You can read more about child protection investigations and what's involved here.

Information for Parents/Carers

Prevent Information

If you have concerns about your child relating to extremism and radicalisation, you can receive support and advice from your local police by telephoning 101. They will treat the matter with total confidence and will do all they can to help to prevent your child turning to behaviour that breaks the law.

You can also contact Prevent on 01142 523 217 for free, confidential advice.

Report Remove Tool

The NSPCC have introduced a new Report Remove tool whereby children, young people and adults can report nude images of them that are circulating social media and ensure they are taken down. I know this is a significant issue for some of our young people, and schools so would advise that the information is disseminated across your organisation and added onto your website so that children, parents and staff are all aware of this.

The tool can be accessed here.

Worried about the behaviour of an adult who works with children?

If your concern is about the behaviour of an adult who works with children in a paid or voluntary capacity contact your line manager and/or the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) Ruth Holmes on 01226 772 341.