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Dave Murrie Head of Humanities
Steven May Teacher of Humanities
Claire Durose Teacher of Humanities
Jasmin Oxer Teacher of Humanities
Jessica Catterill                 Teacher of Humanities

Humanities Vision

The Barnsley Academy Humanities team are committed in ensuring that all pupils make excellent progress in History and Geography. We will strive to do this through excellent teaching which will engage and motivate them to work and achieve the very best results that they can. We will work collaboratively in our department to continually develop our own practice to the benefit of all students.

Pupils will be able to study History and Geography throughout KS3, continuing through to GCSE where they will further develop their skill set, which is already embedded through a tailored curriculum in KS3. 

We will focus on encouraging pupil independence and enquiry through pupil-led activities with teacher guidance throughout. We will develop transferrable skills such as inference, evaluation and information handling which can be used across the curriculum. Our classrooms will provide students with an environment where they are free to question and query (based upon facts) and attempt to understand both sides of a situation. It gives students scope to debate and reason, without being judged.

The History Curriculum at Barnsley Academy

Key Stage 3
As a department, the KS3 curriculum will help students to gain a clear understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We aspire to engender an atmosphere of intrigue and excitement about learning our shared past. Students will begin to develop skills such as source analysis and inference, as well as being able to breakdown GCSE style questions in order to prepare them and build their confidence for KS4.

Year 7

HT1- The Norman Conquest

HT2- Medieval Society, Black death and the Magna Carta

HT3- Religion and Renaissance

HT4- Reformation and the Tudors

HT5- Stuarts

HT6- Roman Empire


Year 8

HT1- Developments in Medicine (Egyptian, Greek and Roman)

HT2- Slavery

HT3- Industrial revolution

HT4- Jack the Ripper

HT5- Victorian England

HT6- Medicine - Renaissance, Industrial and 20th Century


Year 9

HT1- Empire and WWI

HT2- Post WWI and WWII

HT3- Cold War

HT4- Cold War and Jews in Europe

HT5- Persecution and Warfare in the 20th Century

HT6- Germany 1919-1945

Key Stage 4
At KS4, we will tackle the following topics: Elizabethan England, the Cold War, Nazi Germany and Medicine through time whilst applying the skill set already embedded in KS3. Relevant differentiation will be present to ensure that all students are able to access the curriculum and relevant material to then flourish in year 11. Also, mock and formal assessments will take place to gage student progress and to allow the teaching staff to build on any areas in need of development.

Y10 - Medicine through Time 1250 - 1980

          WWI and the advances in surgery and treatment

          Germany - 1919 1939

Y11 - Superpower relations, Cold War 1941 - 1991

          Elizabethan England 1558 - 1588    

The Geography Curriculum at Barnsley Academy

The Geography curriculum in KS3 has been designed to open students’ minds about the world around us; as well as to embed skills which will support students throughout their time at Barnsley Academy. From year 7 students have access to the same language questions and sources used in GCSE style work to give time for all pupils to develop the skills needed to achieve to the best of their ability. 

In KS4 students will focus on a range of topics in both physical and human geography. For example extreme weather events and urban development. Formative and summative assessments are staggered throughout year 10 and 11 to ensure that all students are well-practised and comfortable with the exam that they will complete in year 11. 

Curriculum Content for Geography 2017
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