Elizabeth, Head Student

I feel incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to represent Barnsley Academy as a Head Student and I am proud to speak for all the students at my school. I have hopes that my school will continue to provide an engaging learning environment for all students with minimal disruptions so that everyone can thrive and develop within the Academy.

I hope that all pupils at Barnsley Academy strive for exciting opportunities within the school, such as taking part in extra-curricular activities, for example sports teams and dance competitions, and I hope that the school will continue to support students with their interests.

I go into my school, and I’m surrounded by individuals full of potential. I know that many of them will go onto to do amazing things with the lessons they have learnt at Barnsley Academy. As a Head Student, I hope that other students look to me as their voice in the school if they have any concerns or suggestions; I am their advocate and if something needs to change, so that the school can progress, I am committed to working with them and our staff to drive improvement.

Barnsley Academy is the perfect school for any child in our community, as staff cater for everyone’s needs and get to know every student on a personal level. I have taken part in a recent open day and proudly spoke for my school; I encouraged parents to choose the Academy for their child because I know how much the school will care for each individual and help them towards their future.

My personal aspirations are to attend sixth form college and achieve A-levels before going on to a top university to study at degree level. It is the belief and support of the staff at Barnsley Academy that have given me the confidence to pursue these goals.

Niall, Head Student

I am grateful and appreciative to have been given the opportunity to represent our school and its fantastic team of staff and students as one of our three Head Students. My personal goal this year is to uphold our school’s three integral values: ambition, determination, and respect. I want to encourage all our students to engage with and promote these values as they are vital in maintaining a disruption-free work environment, empowering students, and allowing them to reach their academic potential, which in the future will opening many doors for them in life as they engage with life after secondary school.

Barnsley Academy is a school which continues to provide its students great opportunities, which is why we have a vast range of student ambassadors in multiple areas such as ecological, cultural, and subject based roles, all of whom are key in voicing the views and concerns of the student body to drive improvement in our school.

As a Head Student, I will be working closely with all the ambassadors and supporting them in achieving their objectives to hopefully make our school a better place. 

An excellent thing about my school is that the teachers are incredibly passionate about their subjects, love teaching them and are eager in discussions about their subject which makes students more enthusiastic and excited to learn. In my case, this has led to me developing an interest in Science and Geography and consequently, I have applied to study these subjects at A-level. 

Trudie, Head Student

Being Head Student at Barnsley Academy is not a role I take lightly; I humbled by the fact that I have been given the opportunity to contribute to the school’s journey to outstanding progression. Being a Head Student, I am an advocate and representative for every individual pupil and staff member – this role is not only a chance to improve an already good school, but to build bridges with the people here as we are all ‘Team Barnsley Academy’. 

On an academic note, being a Head Student enables me to promote ambition and drive for younger students who strive for success in everything they do here: younger children may feel they can take on the role in the future, therefore, I endeavour to make them eager to participate in being a vital member of the school and one day, fill my position. 

In my role I hope to visit primary schools to educate younger generations about how important it is to grow in confidence and to develop determination- while at the same time enhancing the profile of the school so that students are interested in joining us at Barnsley Academy. 

I am always willing to go the extra mile to improve standards, whether it be encouraging fellow students to attend extra-curricular activities or educate the students about personal growth during their journey at Barnsley Academy. Personally, becoming a Head Student gave me the confidence I needed to grow socially, academically, and individually; thanks to the outstanding help of staff and students in the academy, I am so close to achieving my goals and I know I will move on to my next steps at college with confidence and a positive, resilient attitude.  









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