Warm-Strict Behaviour Policy

The purpose of our Behaviour Policy is to ensure that all members of our community have knowledge of the behaviour system and follow it to bring about consistency of practice throughout the academy. 

It also ensures that all students understand what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and that every student understands their choices and the consequences of their decisions. The policy also outlines the rewards that helps make the system effective as we recognise that rewards play as vital a role in the process of ensuring outstanding behaviour. Our key purpose is to ensure the safety, well-being and success of all our students.

In order to ensure success for all, we have in place a range of interventions to support students, develop positive relationships and refocus on learning. Poor conduct has consequences for learning and achievement and, in these unprecedented times, the safety and wellbeing of our community. High expectations of staff and students make a positive contribution in our aim of achieving the ‘Best in Everyone’.

Our policy is built around our core values of Ambition, Determination and Respect and is aimed at supporting our students to exhibit the values we look to develop in them, and to reflect when they have breached these values. In applying this policy, the academy takes into account its duties under the Equality Act 2010 regarding relevant characteristics protected by that act, notably disability. It also takes into account the needs of pupils with special educational needs in line with the SEND Code of Practice 2015. The academy will also have regard to its safeguarding policy where appropriate.


  • Dress smartly in academy uniform and be proud to represent the academy.
  • Show ambition by having high expectations of yourself.
  • Think about the future and prepare for the opportunities that are available.


  • Arrive on time to academy and lessons.
  • Show determination by always trying your hardest (100% effort).
  • Do not give up when you find something difficult.


  • Observe the right of all people to personal space. The term “personal space” refers to the physical distance between two people.
  • Look after your personal possessions and do not mistreat the possessions of others.
  • Always show mutual respect.
  • Follow all staff instructions at the first time of asking, regardless of who that member of staff is. (First time, every time)
  • Respect the environment and make sure all litter is disposed of thoughtfully
  • Listen carefully giving others your full attention without interrupting


Bullying is defined as the repetitive, intentional harming of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. Bullying is, therefore:

  • Deliberately hurtful
  • Repeated, often over a period of time
  • Bullying will not be tolerated at the academy. We have a ‘TELLING’ ethos where every allegation of bullying will be investigated. We do not accept name calling or inappropriate language as ‘banter’. Please see our Anti-bullying and Harmful Peer Relations Policy for full details.

Malicious accusations against staff

These can be very damaging for a member of staff welfare and any such incident made against staff may involve a formal investigation. If an allegation is falsely made against a member of staff, then the student (s) will be sanctioned with an exclusion. The length of exclusion and whether this is internal or external will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

The power to discipline beyond the academy gate

The range of the academy’s Behaviour Policy extends to activities outside the academy day and off the academy premises when the pupil is:

  • Taking part in any academy organised or academy related activity.
  • Travelling to or from academy.
  • Wearing academy uniform.
  • In some other way identifiable as a pupil at the academy.

Even where the four conditions above do not apply, the Behaviour Policy can extend to any misbehaviour which could have repercussions for the orderly running of the academy, pose a threat to another pupil, or member of the public, or could adversely affect the reputation of the academy. This will include any instances of cyberbullying or mis-use of social media.

Hate Speech

Hate speech (Racist/Homophobic/biphobic or transphobic language) will be taken very seriously as it goes against our core value of respect. Any racist remarks will be reported the police. Any hate speech carries a sanction, and this will be determined by the seriousness of action.


The academy uses rewards as a strategy to inspire, enthuse and motivate students to fulfil their potential. Our aim is for all lessons to be rewards led. The use of rewards should be used before sanctions in order to develop a positive ethos in the classroom and around the building. Praise and rewards are linked to effort, willingness, co-operation, thoughtfulness, personal achievement etc. and are given when effort is:

  • above the standard for that group
  • above the standard for that student
  • consistently good

All academy staff are able to use rewards such as verbal praise, telephone calls to parents, the organisation of letters, texts, emails or postcards to parents and public celebration of success in forums such as special mentions in Assembly and the academy’s Twitter account.

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