Purchasing Uniform

If you wish to purchase uniform in person, please contact Vortex on 0800 195 44 55, or alternatively visit the store:

Vortex Clothing Co. 
Unit 2/3,
Grange Lane Industrial Estate,
South Yorkshire, 
S71 5AS

We also have an alternative supplier - Tesco Online, please follow the link below.

Tesco Online Uniform Provider - Click here

Uniform Expectations - Barnsley Academy 2017/18

Barnsley Academy is tremendously proud of its identity and has the highest standards of presentation for all students and their uniforms. Our policy is based on the notion that a school uniform: 

  • Helps to promote positive attitudes and high standards 
  • Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance 
  • Gives pupils an identity and promotes sense of pride in the school 
  • Encourages every child to take pride in his/ her appearance 
  • Practical and smart 
  • Makes Barnsley Academy students easily identifiable


Therefore, our uniform is compulsory and consists of the following;

Trousers -  Black Academy logoed school trousers. These trousers are only acceptable in one style for boys and one for girls as chosen by the Academy  although we don’t mind which one of these styles are worn by girls or boys. Vortex is our authorised supplier for logoed trousers.

Skirts – Black logoed skirt. These skirts are only acceptable in specific styles chosen by the Academy. Any other skirts, in any other style which are not the design chosen by the Academy will not be deemed appropriate. Skirts cannot be worn rolled up at the waistband and must be worn the full correct length. Vortex is our authorised supplier for logoed skirts.

Shirts - A white school shirt must be worn with the top button fastened and sleeves rolled down. It is not appropriate for any item to be worn under school shirts unless it is plain white in colour.

Blazers - A black blazer with embroidered United Learning badge must be worn by all students. Sleeves must be rolled down to the wrists at all times. (Food and drink cannot be carried around in blazer pockets but must be in school bags).

Tie – A Barnsley Academy tie.

Cardigans & Jumpers – Plain black V-neck wool/wool blend jumpers can be worn under blazers or a plain v neck wool/wool blend cardigan. They cannot be worn in place of a blazer. Any other style of jumper or cardigan is not acceptable in the Academy. Logoed cardigans and jumpers (if wanted) can be purchased from Vortex or Tesco online.

Footwear - All students must wear plain black school shoes or plain black trainers. Footwear must be entirely black and have no coloured logo's or soles. Boots of any sort are not allowed.

Socks – plain black socks only for both boys and girls

Tights – black tights can be worn

PE Kit - All students are required to wear Barnsley Academy PE tops, black shorts or dark plain tracksuit bottoms and black football socks. Barnsley Academy logoed PE kit is also available from Vortex (although some items are not compulsory).

Jewellery & Accessories - One small, single stud in each ear lobe, a wrist watch and one small ring is allowed. No other jewellery is allowed and will be confiscated. Only one slim plastic black or dark blue headband is allowed as a hair accessory. Students are not allowed to wear other headbands/headscarves or bows of any sort. Medical identity bracelets and necklaces can be worn with proof of a medical need. Other jewellery will be confiscated and placed in the school safe to be returned to students at the end of the school day. 

No other piercings or piercing retainers are allowed. 

School Bags – School bags are compulsory. All students should have a strong school bag big enough to contain school planner, pencil case, books and any other equipment needed for the school day as per the equipment list below. (If food or drink is being brought into school, it must be placed in school bags). A rucksack style bag is ideal. 

Make Up - Subtle natural makeup is allowed, (no false eyelashes or extreme brows, bold lipsticks, heavy foundation, bold blusher/highlighter, heavy mascara, excessive & noticeable fake tan products). 

Nails - false nails or nail polish is not allowed to be worn, students will be asked to remove them. 

Hairstyles - Extreme haircuts are not allowed. It is at the School’s discretion as to what constitutes ‘extreme’ but usually involves shaven heads (less than a number 2 on the shaver) on any part of the hair or carved/patterned shapes in short hairstyles, Mohican hairstyles, large back-combed hairstyles, multi-coloured/ unusually coloured or extremely vibrant coloured hair. We accept natural colourings e.g. black, brown, blonde, and natural red/auburn. Natural red is often the most difficult to interpret so as a rule, if red takes on a vivid tone we will ask for it to be altered as it doesn’t look natural. 

Equipment - all students are expected to bring the following everyday: 

School Bag
Pencil Case
Black Pen
Red Pen


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