“We are not the makers of history. We are made by history."

- Martin Luther King Jr. -


Curriculum Vision 

History is firmly understood to be the study of the past however, here at Barnsley Academy, we also believe that a strong understanding of the past is vital to our sense of self and our perception of the modern world. The Barnsley Academy history department is therefore committed to stretching and challenging our students in every lesson to build their chronological understanding and develop their investigative skills when analysing different sources and interpretations. In doing so they will leave with the ability to question the world around them and with the skills to attend a top university or a real alternative. 

All history students at Barnsley Academy 

  • We are ambitious for, and have high expectations of, all of our pupils and know that every student can experience success in History through careful sequencing of the curriculum and high-quality, research-informed teaching and learning. 

  • We are determined that every student should develop an understanding of how our history forms our sense of identity and place in the world, and that studying a range of periods and peoples will enable them to become an empathetic, open minded and respectful member of the community. 

  • Our knowledge rich curriculum and consistent use of explicit instruction and systematic retrieval practice across all classes ensures all students make progress in History, including those with SEND. 

Skills and Development 

  • Our curriculum develops students’ skills of analysis and their ability to explain important changes and events in history. 

  • Our curriculum enables students to develop their understanding of core historical concepts including their ability to analyse a range of historical sources, explain the significance of key events in history, and explain why historians have different interpretations about events and people in history. 

  • Our curriculum sets out to develop all student’s literacy skills in writing, reading and speaking through extended writing, speaking, debating and reading a wide range of historical texts. 

  • Our curriculum develops students’ tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary with the use of our ‘Big Class Reads’ and are provided with key terminology definitions that can be used in their writing. 

University and Careers


Our curriculum introduces students to some A level content at KS4. Students are equipped to be able to discuss complex and challenging ideas getting them ready for the rigour of both college and university life. 

Career Pathways for History

Below are some of the careers you can pursue with qualifications in History:

  • Journalism
  • Legal profession
  • Archivist
  • Writer
  • Media
  • Politics
  • Business and commerce
  • Museum curator
  • Teaching
Examples of apprenticeships that relate to history:

The History Team

  • Mrs Amanda Lewis – Head of Department
  • Mr Ben Wilson – Teacher of History 
  • Mr James Homan – Teacher of History 
  • Miss Alice Hughes – Teacher of Humanities. 

More Information

For more information on our curriculum please contact:

Mrs Amanda Lewis
Head of History