"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." 

- Walt Disney - 


Curriculum Vision 

Our iMedia curriculum gives all of our students an understanding and insight into the media around them. The curriculum allows our students to develop a range of different computer skills using a variety of different industry standard software packages to create visual, audio and web-based production. 

All students 

  • Our curriculum is designed to allow students to build up their practical skills alongside their analytical and creative skills. 

  • Develop Digital presentation skills  

  • Research and planning skills to develop media products  

Good Communication skills, Confidence and Curiosity 

  • We develop students’ confidence and communication skills.  

  • Allowing students to develop their ICT skills and use of different software used in media. 

  • Encourages students’ curiosity of the wider world of media and impact of media on the target audience. 

Development of a Growth Mindset 

  • To continuously develop students’ computer skills and knowledge of different computer packages. 

  • We expect our students to engage in further research and reading for them to extend their media knowledge beyond the classroom. 

Course Studied: Cambridge National Creative iMedia

Specification Link: 

Description of the course:  

This qualification aims to equip young people with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to design and make effective digital products for others to use. They will complete four units in total, which will include: 

  • Pre-production skills – students are introduced to a range of essential pre-production techniques used in the creative and digital media, including client brief, time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques. 

  • Creating digital graphics – students will explore where and why digital graphics are used and the techniques that are involved in their creation. They apply their skills and knowledge in creating digital graphics for a specific client brief. 

  • Creating a Website – students will research and plan a website. They will develop skills in Dream Weaver to create a fully functional website with hyperlinks, moving images and animations to match a client brief. 

How the course is assessed: 

Assessment is mostly made up of multimedia projects that will be completed in lessons. There will be one external examination based on pre-production skills. This exam is worth 25%, as are each of the other 3 units. 

University and Careers


Having studied CN iMedia, ensures that our students are ready to explorer media at a higher level both at college and university. This course prepares students for a wide range of different career paths and to study degree courses including, digital media production, animation, film, and TV production and game design. 


The knowledge and skills that students develop will support them to pursue careers within the media industry working in areas including web design, animation and film editing. 

Career Pathways for iMedia

Below are some of the careers you can pursue with qualifications in iMedia: 

  • Film Director 

  • Web designer 

  • Media Planner 

  • Digital Marketing 

Examples of apprenticeships that relate to computing:

The Business, IT and Enterprise Team

The IT Department at Barnsley Academy is made up of enthusiastic teachers who are passionate about their subject. Students are encouraged to ask teachers about their degree subjects in order to promote careers in Computing.

  • Mrs Julie Broomhead - Head of Department
  • Mr Ghulam Rasool - Teacher of BITE
  • Mr Paul Twibell - Teacher of BITE and Teacher of Creative Arts
  • Ms Amanda Nimmo - Teacher of BITE and Teacher of Maths
  • Mr Luke McShane - Cover Supervisor/BITE
  • Mr Oliver Heptinstall - Cover Supervisor/BITE

More Information

For more information on our curriculum, please email  

Mrs Julie Broomhead
Head of Business & ICT