“Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty.”

- Deepak Chopra -


The Mathmatics Department at Barnsley Academy is fully committed to ensuring every student makes above expected progress in maths. Our team is determined to equip our students with both the skills and qualifications that will open doors and allow them to become successful in life.  

Curriculum Vision

To ensure all students have access to a carefully sequenced maths curriculum which aims to deepen existing knowledge and build confidence. We teach for understanding with a ‘no tricks’ approach and prepare students to be successful in their maths journey. We develop articulate mathematicians who can think logically, and problem solve resiliently with essential skills that can carry them forward into the world of further education and work.  

Maths is a universal language and we at Barnsley Academy want every child to understand and enjoy this universal language and use it confidently throughout their adult lives. 

Through enrichment, maths challenge, GCSE statistics and further maths we encourage our students to develop their problem-solving skills and to confidently enter ambitious levels of articulation and competitive forms of mathematical thinking. 

Our curriculum encompasses the following three componentsSave to ensure that all students can progress through our maths curriculum:    

Recall: Recall, review and build upon prior mathematical knowledge is vital and is planned for before new mathematical concepts are taught. 

Fluency: We ensure that pupils of all abilities can access the basic mathematical skill set through regular fluency checks. This is very important to instil the confidence in students, which then enables them to enjoy the content. 

Reasoning and Problem Solving: This is an important component of the maths curriculum and enables and empowers our students to understand the skills in greater depth. We first help them develop student fluency and then build on that through discussion and shared problem solving. 

University and Careers


We encourage our students to study maths at A level. Those that choose to do A Level Maths/Further Maths choose to pursue further education at university after Year 13, choosing from a broad range of subjects of which maths often forms the basis: economics; accounting; physics; computer science to name a few. 


Mathematics is a common language in which all pupils can solve, analyse, and problem solve and so is important for all career paths our students may choose. Our curriculum supports pupils to build logical reasoning, critical thinking and is mentally rigorous, which prepares them for adult life and gives them a wide skill set to pursue their chosen career passions in later life. 

Career Pathways for Mathematics

Below are some of the careers you can pursue with qualifications in maths: 

  • Acoustic consultant 
  • Actuarial analyst 
  • Actuary  Astronomer 
  • Chartered accountant 
  • Chartered certified accountant 
  • Data analyst 
  • Data scientist 
  • Investment analyst 
  • Research scientist (maths) 
  • Secondary school teacher 
  • Software engineer 
  • Sound engineer 
  • Statistician 
Examples of apprenticeships that relate to maths:

The Mathematics Team

The Maths Department at Barnsley Academy is made up of a dynamic team of teachers who inspire students to achieve highly. 

  • Jessica Motloch – Head of Department 
  • Rosie Bell – Teacher of Maths and Assistant Vice Principal
  • Lucy Crawford – Assistant Head of Department
  • Scott Bramall – Teacher of Maths and Head of Year
  • Sophie Grain – Teacher of Maths 
  • Diana Fakrogha – Teacher of Maths
  • Abigail Barker - Teacher of Maths 
  • Abigail Harris - Teacher of Maths and Head of Year

More Information 

For more information on our curriculum please contact:

Mrs Jessica Motloch
Head of Mathematics