Head of Year 7 Welcome

Ms Brown - Current Head of Year 7 (2022-23)

My role as Heads of Year 7 is to ensure that students feel safe, meet expectations, are happy in relation to all aspects of life at Barnsley Academy and ensuring students are rewarded for demonstrating our core values which are; Ambition, Confidence, Creativity, Determination, Enthusiasm and Respect. Here at Barnsley Academy we place real emphasis on developing a growth mindset, which involves encouraging resilience in students to overcome any challenges which they may face both inside and outside of the classroom.

I are very much looking forward to working with parents and carers to support your children in their transition to our Academy in September and we genuinely cannot wait to get Year 7 started on the next steps of their educational journey.

If you have questions currently, then please feel free to use the special email we have created for both parents and students: admin@barnsley-academy.org

I look forward to meeting you all.

Ms Brown (Current Head of Year 7)